Dungeon Hallow Chapter 1

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Countless stars and a full moon decorated the night. Beneath it was a mansion that stood alone in a small, private island.

“Young Master!” a youth called as he was half running down on the marble staircase, however the person in front was ignoring him. “Erix Arthur, stop in there!”

Erix stopped. “It looks like you are starting to be impudent, Lucius Ventus.”

“I am sorry, Young Master. That is because you are ignoring me. Besides, where are you going?” Lucius asked worryingly.

“Run away!” Erix declared.

“Pardon? Don’t joking, Young Master. We have a lot of schedule tomorrow.”

“I shall say it once again. I am going to run away from here. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I tired.” Erix insisted. “This is the time to fly from the cage, like a free bird.”

“Why? Many peoples want luxury live like Young Master.”

“That is because they don’t know anything about my live. Come on, don’t hinder me.”

“I can’t! This is for your future!”

“What future? My future is bright, Lucius. My wealth will last for seven generations. What future are you seeking? Oh, Lucius. Are you not bored? For example, tomorrow we must meet representative of A-company, B-company, etc. Futhermore, we must go to five countries in one day! Crazy!”

“Young Master, but—”

“At my age of twenty, I want a normal life. Playing with my friends, fooling around, doing everything I like,” Erix said.

Lucius couldn’t talk back. What his master said was true. He had an obstructed dream too because of his daily life. He always wanted to create a robot. His mind thinked hard to persuade Erix, but he still couldn’t do anything.

“What can I do? Your father, Master Hendri—”

“Lucius!” Erix shouted. “Who is your master?”

“You, Master ….”

“If so, you just need to follow my order. I shall go away. Don’t stop me.”

Lucius knelt. “Very well. I won’t stop you, Young Master. However, you must take me too because taking care of you is my duty.”





One hours later, Lucius came, wearing his butler uniform. He carried a big backpack that exceeded himself.

Erix stared at Lucius, mouth agape. “We aren’t in picnic, you know.”

“Inside it is various equipments and weapons. We have million of enemies out there.” Lucius frowned as he looked at Erix. “Why do you carry such a small bag?”

“Whatever, let’s go.”

They were leaving the mansion at night. No one knew what were they did, sneaking in bushes like a lizard, getting far away from the mansion. They hadn’t destination, but they didn’t care as long as they could leave this mad world.

They kept walking without stopped, exploring unknown forest. Without they realized, the sun had arisen. The light entered the forest through gap between leaves. Fresh air mixed with aroma of forest woods made their heart relaxed. A few moments later, they could hear commotion from behind, then barking sounds followed and they could hear them grew louder.

“They find us! They must be my father’s lackeys!” Erix shouted. “We must run, Lucius!”

They ran as fast as possible. Erix shouted at Lucius who occasionally looked back. He found a cave ahead. He pulled his servant and entered it immediately.

The cave was getting darker as they went deeper. Lack of light obstructed their vision. Lucius took out a smartphone and turned on flashlight.

“Lucius, pay attention to your step! The floor is slippery,” Erix suggested. He kept looking straight.

“You also be careful, Young Master.”

They heard barking from the entrance. Lucius looked back as he still walked. His head hit a stalactite and broke it. “Ouch!” He closed his mouth immediately.

“Did they entered this cave?” Sound of a man echoed into the cave.

“It seems so.”

“Let’s go! Find them!”

Lucius sweated as he heard them closer. Erix pulled his hand and they ran in hurry. They saw the light at the front. Their faces beamed. Their speed increased, as if, they raced to the finish line. However, an anomaly occurred. The light pulled their body, like a black hole. They fought back in surprise, but the force was too strong. They couldn’t do nothing as the wind came from behind and pushed them.

“What happens? My body is floating!” Erix exclaimed as he tried to touch the ground.

“Young Master, this is bad. There is a problem before us!” Lucius pointed straight. At the end of the cave, they could see clear sky … and clouds at the same height as them.

“Don’t tell me—”

They were thrown out of the cave. Like what Erix thought, they were at thousand feet high. Some clouds were hitting them as they fell. Erix looked around while he rubbed his eyes, making sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Young Master, look at that!”

Erix’s eyes followed Lucius’s finger. The cave’s entrance was emmited light, kept shrinking, and disappeared in a blink of eyes. “I don’t believe this!” Erix shouted. His face paled. He must be in dream. Yeah, a nightmare.

Erix looked at Lucius who tried to relieve him. “We are going to die!” He clutched his servant’s hand.

Lucius could see the land far below. They were certainly died if they fell to there. He thought hard about how they survived, then his eyes spotted a lake nearby. That was his only chance.

Lucius touched the buttons at both sides of his giant bag alternately. The right button was for exhaling wind from the hole at the bottom of his bag. The left button was for inhaling wind from the same hole. With that, Lucius gradually pushed them to the lake.

When they were about to fall, Lucius turned their body backward, so the bag could crash the water first. That was for avoiding the pain.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

“Yeah, somehow we escaped death,” Erix replied. He still clutched Lucius’s hand.

“Let’s go, Young Master.”

With that, they swam to the land. They sat under a tree. They took off their clothes and put it on a bulging root. Erix could see a flock of strange birds in the sky. “Where the hell are we?”

Erix shook off his concern. He opened Lucius’s waterproof bag, looking for anything to eat. However, instead of foods, he found many kinds of goods, like a rifle, a solar charge, a laptop, etc.

Erix lifted a submachine gun P90 M.C with one hand. “Lucius, are you going to battlefield or what?” sneered him.

“That is for protecting you, Young Master.”

Erix stroked his empty belly. “I am hungry.”

Lucius seized the machine gun and put it back to the bag. “Be patient, Young Master. After our clothes dry up, we are going to nearby village or city.”

A few moments later, a girl came from behind the tree and stood before them. Her appearance was like a beggar. They shocked. Lucius hurriedly took a rifle and pointed it to the girl.

“Hold on, Lucius!” Erix shouted. “Put your weapon down!”

“You really come!” the girl sobbed. Tears was coming down of her face. At the same time, she smiled.

Erix and Lucius looked each other. They couldn’t understand what she said. For some reason, she looked happy. They thought she was crazy.

“What do you mean?” Lucius asked.

“I was asking for help to the sky, then suddenly the sky shone and you come to me.” The girl wiped her tears. Dark circles covered her eyes, but she actually a beautiful girl. They didn’t knew what she was going through. She seemed tired.

Erix experienced a strange turmoil in his chest as he looked her long, black hair that fluttered by the wind. His heart raced wildly. A weird feeling and ticklish that he couldn’t explain.

Suddenly the girl knelt and held Erix’s feet. “Please help my brother. He entered a dungeon five days ago. Until now, he hadn’t come back.”

Erix touched her shoulders and helped her to stand. Tears came down her face again. She seemed pitiful. “I am sorry. I am not an angel. I don’t understand what you are talking about. I am sorry.”

The girl gasped and closed her mouth. Without a word, she turned and ran from them.

Erix looked at Lucius. “She said a dungeon, right? Is that some kind of place filled with monsters like in RPG games?”

“Uh, I think so, Young Master.”

Erix hurriedly wore his cloth; Lucius did the same. He waited his servant to take the bag and pursued the girl.

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Table of Content

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