Dungeon Hallow Prologue

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Translated By: Alienix

Chapter 0 – Prologue

Two swords clashed. The first was a giant sword with heavenly light, meanwhile the second was covered in true darkness.

The one who carried the shining sword was a golden-armoured knight. His body, as if, cladded in pure light, meanwhile the holder of the dark sword was a giant, red demon with bulging muscle. A pair of horns crowned his head. He had a pair of wings, like a top class demon.

“Your step will end here, Satan!” shouted the knight, pointing his sword to the demon.

The demon laughed. “Did you said to stop me? What a joke! Leavgard shall be mine!” he bellowed, eyes shone with hatred.

“With this sword, I shall kill you!”

“Aculone Sword! That trash sword can’t hurts me!”

Satan bolted and attacked the knight viciously. His strike was strong and heavy.

The knight wouldn’t lost with just a little threat like that. He attacked back, bringing down his opponent.

Both of legendary swords clashed each other, emmiting waves to all directions, inducing dangerous energy distortion.

Beneath the dark clouds and striking lightnings, amongst the gale and typhoons, two man was attacking each other. Until ….

The knight channeled all of his energy to the sword. He lifted his sword. His forehead was touching the sword’s body. He chanted, “Protect us from the wicked whisper of cursed demon. Protect us from their very existence. If their corrupt hands touch us, then confine them in the home until they meet their end. Appear before us, Cercere Diaboli!”

The knight brandished his sword, cleaving through the wind swiftly. His sword emitted, then hundred of holy chains bursted out and bound the demon.

Satan fought back. He writhed and broke each chains. However, the chains outnumbered him.

The knight loosened his hold. The sword flew to the demon and stopped above his head.

“T-this is … Saqar Cage! Gilgamesh, you bastard! How dare you do this to me!”

“This is your end, Demon King! By sacrificing my soul, I shall imprison you forever!”

“Bastard! Damn!” Satan roared and writhed harder. Suddenly, he stopped. “Fine! I shall make your sacrifice in vain.”

“What are you planning, Demon King?”

Satan the Demon King gathered all of his energy in stomach. He gaped widely, spouting his energy in form of seven black fireballs.

“That ….”

Satan’s face twisted, forming a wicked smile. “They are my childrens who will destroy this Saqar Cage and give me freedom!”

Gilgamesh smirked. “If that happens, I am going to hand over the task to my descendant.”


“I know this will occur. My aim isn’t to kill you, but imprison you. The true hero will come after me. He is the one who will kill you. He will inherit my best friend’s name, the King of Camelot. He will kill your childrens.”

“Arthur? Do you think the prophecy will happens?” Satan mocked.

“We shall see it later!” Gilgamesh said. A shining orb was coming out from his chest. The storm stopped. The cloud became clear.

The orb flew and entered the sword. At the same time, the inscription on the sword shone, emitting waves. It enlarged in size and splitted into several light pillars, forming a cage that imprison Satan.

The cage flew to the east like a meteor, leaving behind Gilgamesh whose face paled. He fell to the ground. He enjoyed the view of clear sky for a brief time before closed his eyes. “my work is done.” He smiled and breathed for the last time.

Hello!, My name is Alienix, the translator of Dungeon Hallow. I hope y’all are enjoying this story. Don’t forget to comment!

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